4 FAQs Concerning The Adoption Process

Did you know that according to some statistics, it's possible that two million couples are waiting to adopt a baby? With 36 couples for every child available to adopt, it is unlikely that those who are waiting to adopt will get the chance to do so. For this reason alone, placing a baby for adoption is a good choice, especially if you are unwed, very young, or simply not ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child. If you are considering adoption, here are four frequently asked questions concerning the adoption process.   

Are There Different Types of Adoption?

There are three different types of adoption including:

  • Open Adoption - the birth parents and adoptive parents keep in touch with one another and even get together on occasion
  • Semi-Open Adoption - the birth parents keep in touch with the adoptive parents through the adoption agency
  • Confidential Adoption - allows complete privacy and confidentiality with no communication between birth and adoptive parents

An adoption agency can help you determine the best choice for you.

How Do I Choose the Parents?

You can choose whomever you want to adopt your baby. If you want your grandparents to adopt the baby, and they are willing, then that is your decision. If you choose to go through an adoption agency, they usually have a list of parents who are waiting to adopt. If this is too difficult a decision for you, the adoption agency can choose a family for you.

Can I Decide to Place My Baby for Adoption After the Baby Is Born?

If you have reached the end of your pregnancy but are still unsure if adoption is the right option, in most instances you can wait until after you've had the baby. Many adoption agencies have interim families who care for the baby while you decide. These families are not adoptive or foster families.

Does the Father Have to Be Included in the Adoption Process?

When placing a baby for adoption, adoption agencies will respect the wishes of both the birth mother and the father. If you want to adopt, and the father of the baby doesn't want to give the baby up, there are counseling services available that can help the birth parents make a decision. If the father is not interested in being a part of the process, or is no longer part of the picture, all decisions will be up to you.